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Memorial Day 2003

Program September 6th

For the very first time, Freddie Mercury’s Montreux and the Swiss Fan Club have organized a Memorial Day in Montreux to commemorate Freddie’s birthday.
A truly unique experience for hundreds of fans from all over the world who came to Montreux to celebrate Freddie Mercury’s birthday. This beautiful day included, among others, going round some places Freddie and Queen frequented in Montreux (Lake House, visit of Mountain Studios with David Richards). Then in the evening, they expericed the music of Queen with famous Dutch Queen coverband "Miracle".

15 minutes of strong emotions to be seen on a DVD. Music is Queen original. Collection piece limited edition 500 pces.

Details of the event :

  • private boat ride to the "Lake House"
  • visit of the Mountain Studios, guided by David Richards himself
  • lunch by Freddie’s statue, prepared following the recommendations of Peter Freestone
  • Live gig with "Miracle", Queen’s famous Dutch cover band.


Memorial day 2003

Montreux Celebration is supporting the Mercury Phoenix Trust who is fighting HIV/AIDS worldwide.
Please visit their website for more informations.

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