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Vladimir Nabokov

After the Russian Revolution, Vera and Vladimir Nabokov lived in exile in Germany, France and the United States before settling in Switzerland in 1961.

In 1964 the novelist and his wife took up residence at the Montreux Palace. Nabokov’s favourite hobby was butterfly-hunting in the mountain pastures.

Despite the scandal it first aroused, "Lolita" is now accepted as one of the classics of twentieth century literature.

Following two consecutive accidents (falls) He died on July 2, 1977. He is buried on the heights of the Clarens Cemetery, 2 kilometers from the Montreux Palace.

April 23, 1999 took place the inauguration of his statue in Montreux. A life-size statue created by Alexander and Philipp Rukavishnikov, offered at the Montreux Palace by artists and the city of Moscow. Dmitri Nabokov, the artists, Mrs. Shvetsova, representing the Mayor of Moscow, Mr. Yusef Kiblitski, Mr. Dimitri Aleshin and Mr. Gavriel Shapiro, Presidents of Russian Literature in Cornell, New York were present at this event.

The statue of Nabokov is now in the Gardens of the Montreux Palace.

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