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Montreux Apartment

Freddie Mercury discovered that Montreux offered respite form the glare of media attention, allowing him to write and record in relative peace. He enjoyed calm and beauty. He enjoyed to be able to walk there without being disturbed by the paparazzi.

After staying at the Montreux Palace while in town, he bought a beautiful apartment on the top floor of the residence "Les Tourelles", 15 rue Bon Port in Territet.

Some tracks of "Made in Heaven" album as for instance "Winter's Tale" were written in Montreux during the winter 1990-1991. Freddie spent the last months of his life in this city he loved.

Looking out the window of his apartment, he describes the beauty of the landscape, mountains, swans on the lake ...

When Freddie Mercury died, November 24, 1991, the apartment was sold by the Freddie Mercury Estate

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