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Montreux Museum

The Montreux Museum houses the famous Deep Purple gold record donated to the city of Montreux by their record company Warner Bros.

This record, on loan from the Montreux archives, commemorates the sale of more than a million copies of the single "Smoke on The Water", recorded in 1971 in the corridors of the Grand Hôtel de Territet. A complete account of this exciting story is available on the Deep Purple page of our Montreux Celebration website.

The period building that has housed the Museum since 1920 is located in the old town, in the heights of the city of Montreux.

You can also discover several objects and information related to music and characters native to Montreux such as the musician André de Ribaupierre (1893 - 1955) or the chansonnier Jean-Villard dit Gilles (1895 - 1982).

A small part dedicated to the Montreux Jazz Festival is also present on the first floor.

The curator of the premises, Pascale Simond, will be delighted to welcome you.


Montreux Museum
Rue de la Gare 40
1820 Montreux
Telephone: 0041 (21) 963 13 53


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