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Montreux Celebration

Montreux musical history in 1969


Why has montreux become the capital of music ?

Gilles Chateau, Toronto, Canada tells :

The research on the late sixties in Paris led me to find some relevant articles about three major events that took place that were extremely significant to "the cause".

I attended all three of them so I know what I'm talking about and I've read much about them in the French media to form an opinion that the "times were changing" but nobody knew which way the wind was blowing. They are:

Rolling Stones - Palais des Sports, Nov. 22, 1970
Yes, Iron Butterfly, Soft Machine - Palais des Sports, Jan. 30, 1971
Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Pretty Things, Amougies, Belgium, April 1971

The first two were marked by significant disruptions and damages in Paris to both buildings and pride that forced the French leaders to ban Rock festivals within its borders. The promoters had to move out to the Belgian border, the closest border point on the map and the bands played on... but music had been driven out of France and it was a sad event despite the incredible bill fronted by Frank Zappa who jammed with every band over a period of 6 days.

Most people, fans and journalists agreed that the next destination was Montreux until things cooled off with the authorities in charge at the time.

I believe there would have been no Montreux music scene without the events that took place in France at that time.

But the irony of it all is that idealistic leftists sabotaged leftist inspired bands and populist events in the name of solidarity.

I could see their point but did not subscribed to it.
The articles, pamphlet, interviews, communiqué say it all...

To hell with politic, let the music play.

Gilles Chateau Resident of Montreux on and off since 1970


John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Montreux

In April 1969, the Carrefour show did not miss the passage in Montreux of the most media-intensive couple of those years: the Beatles John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Hair, all dressed in white, very peace and love, they get off the plane hand in hand, before spending a few days in a palace in Montreux where a certain Mr Claude Nobs, founder of Montreux Jazz Festival welcomes them.

The sound of this document is missing, the commentary having been made live from a booth during its broadcast on the air.


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