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Montreux musical history in 1970


A big Pop year was supposed to take place in Montreux in 1970. Indeed, the contract was signed for Jimi Hendrix who should have performed in Montreux at the end of 1970 but he unfortunately died in September.

The Doors, who were supposed to play in concert with Black Sabath on Sunday August 30, 1970, cancelled their concert in Montreux at the last minute. Jim Morrison, their leader, died the following year in 1971.

Here are also some highlights of this year 1970:

  • Carlos Santana's first concert in Montreux during the Montreux Jazz Festival, which takes place next to the casino on the rooftops of the Casino's swimming pool.
  • The Golden Rose Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary.
  • Two gigs by Pink Floyd the same weekend in Montreux! Pop fans were spoiled.
  • Led Zeppelin are shaking the walls of the Casino on March 7th. A complete story is available on the page dedicated to Led Zeppelin's concert in Montreux in 1970.

Discover in the sections "Super Pop 1970" and "Rose d'Or 1970" above, the complete programme and a lot of information on these two major events that marked the year 1970.

Discover the rest of the story, on the page: Montreux musical history in 1971


Claude Nobs in 1970 at the Montreux Casino swimming pool

July 1970, Claude Nobs and his friend, blues pianist Champion Jack Dupree in an unbridled improvisation, to the delight of the swimmers at the Casino pool.

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