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Montreux Celebration

Montreux musical history in 1970


The Jazz Festival was founded in 1967 but jazz is no longer really popular among the young people who prefer the new sounds of rock and pop music.

Concerned about its development and the renewal of its customers, the Montreux Tourist Office, like the Newport Jazz Festival the same year, opened to rock music in 1969. The band Ten Years After with Alvin Lee as lead member is the headline.

Jazz purists scream at betrayal but the adaptation is inevitable and

Montreux will also offer rock concerts throughout the rest of the year (and not only beginning of July), under the label “Super Pop Montreux”.

The Golden Rose (Rose d'Or) also redirects in the same way and focuses more on pop and rock music instead of the usual "entertainment music". Thanks to Claude Nobs. From 1969 to 1974, the most popular rock bands will flock to Montreux who suddenly becomes the capital of rock : Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Santana, Canned Heat, Yes, Chicago, Deep Purple, Frank Zappa...

The contracts were signed for Jimi Hendrix and the Doors. They were planed to perform at the end of 1970 but Hendrix died in September and Jim Morrison the following year.

On this page you will find the 1970 program of the Super Pop Festival and the Rose d'Or and here are some highlights:

  • The first performance by Carlos Santana at Montreux they played outdoor on the rooftops of the Casino's pool cabins.
  • Two gigs by Pink Floyd the same weekend in Montreux! Pop fans were spoiled.
  • Led Zeppelin are shaking the walls of the Casino on March 7th.

To discover in the "Super Pop Montreux" and "Rose d'Or" section here above.

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