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Places of interest in Montreux


Montreux Jazz Café and Funky Claude’s Bar

Two new spaces keep the spirit of Claude Nobs, founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival alive at the Fairmont Montreux Palace: the Montreux Jazz Café and the Funky Claude's Bar.

Montreux Jazz Café

After Geneva, Zurich, London and Paris, the 5th Montreux Jazz Café opened in Montreux on June 26, 2014 replacing the restaurant La Brasserie located on the Grand Rue situated under the Fairmont Montreux Palace. A nice place inspired by the environment of an iconic jazz festival, decorated by the memories and souvenirs of Claude Nobs.

You can find there one of his jukeboxes, Murano lamps that he particularly loved, small trains, one hundred and ten emblematic photographs of half a century of musical history, many audiovisual archives offering an almost museum-like character to this touristical place and heritage in Montreux.

You will also find a kimono that Freddie Mercury himself gave to Claude Nobs and which now adorns the restaurant wall.

The Funky Claude's Bar

Located next to the Montreux Jazz Café, the Funky Claude’s Bar has replaced the former and famous Harry's Bar. It is really a place where you can land and stay late at night, whether you are native or just crossing the Riviera. A small jazz stage has been set up where concerts are organized throughout the year. The interior furniture has been revisited, but the large wooden bar has been maintained as it is protected by the swiss historical monuments.

To succeed, the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Montreux Palace have called on London designers Aedas Interiors London Ltd. & Gorgeous Group London.

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