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Convention Center - 2m2c

The French Riviera (Riviera vaudoise) has always been a center of attraction due to its geographical situation. The political economy of this region has always been turned to the touristic development. To serve this kind of politic, Montreux has provided a convention center (Centre des Congrès) which has always been updated to welcome international events.

January 1970, inauguration of the convention center replacing the former Hotel Lorius. This represented a successful conclusion in a first large collectif effort which has marked a big change in the touristic vocation of Montreux by generating important financial income for a whole region. In 1972, the Montreux Jazz Festival moves into this building for it’s annual event after the fire had destroyed the Casino in 1971. Today this same hall has been named "Miles Davis Hall", and welcomes around 2’000 people. It offers during the Festival an eclectic and trendy program.

April 1982, the needs are different and evolution is constant. Montreux decided to get one step further in the fields of cultural and corporate or associative events.The large conventions and congresses organized in the building have proved that the situation cannot last longer. (Television Symposium, Space Commerce, Automacom, Travel Trade Workshop, Direct-Marketing Symposium, Rose d'Or or Jazz Festival). The place is too small ! The Montreux authorities have assumed the renewal of the older building but also adjoining a new construction which becomes the “Congress and Exhibition Center” (Centre de Congrès et d'Expositions) with a surface twice larger than initialy.

No need of talking about the musical reputation of Montreux ! It is well established but the main piece for it’s vocation is missing ! A concert hall worth the name and who would be beneficiary for the whole region. After a local request the Montreux inhabitants agreed, January 20th the project and the construction started in 1991. The Convention Center takes it’s original shape in 1993, all covered with transparent glass walls, and the prestigious concert hall "Stravinski Auditorium" is inaugurated the same year by the whole population of this region.

May 2006, the "Congress and Exhibition Center" (Centre de Congrès et d'Expositions) changes again it’s name to become "Montreux Music & Convention Center (2m2c)" in order to match its growing reputation built on music and events. The 2m2c has 18,000 m2 of floor space over 7 levels with 3 full halls with respective capacities of 350, 900 and 1800 participants.

The Montreux Jazz Festival is not the only event to take possession of this building. The Cultural Season Foundation (no less than 20 shows a year), the Montreux Comedy Festival, the Classical Music Festival, Polymanga or the Rencontres Chorales, to mention only the most important, are regulars.

Stravinski Auditorium

With its 1600 m2 of modular space completely panelled with cherry wood and an audience capacity of 1800 seated and 3500 standing, the Stravinski Auditorium is situated in the Music & Convention Center from 1993 and is available for exceptional events! Equipped with all imaginable technical amenities, the Stravinski Auditorium is also appropriate for conventions, parties, concerts, performances and other events. 2m2c hosts over 20 performances per cultural season and 4 major festivals attended by a total of 150,000 spectators among which is the Montreux Jazz Festival for 15 years.

Miles Davis Hall

It is in this exact same hall that the Montreux Jazz Festival organized the Festival in June 1972. Actually this surface, available for concerts, exhibition or conferences has been modernized and named "Miles Davis Hall" with a capacity of 2’000 people.

We are in 2019, And did you know?

Dangerous: the current situation cannot last. Holding major events such as the Jazz Festival or the Cultural Season shows, is subject to ECA standards, (ECA : Insurance of Natural Elements)which are currently not respected. Without upgrading work, the authorizations would no longer be issued and would lead to the closure of the building !! "Only the seismic reinforcement of the building (obligatory) and the creation of new accesses and escape routes (mandatory also) will make it possible to sustain the concerts and shows from 1'600 to 4'000 people, essential to the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Montreux Comedy and at the Cultural Season. If this investment is to be made, why the escape routes would not become key entrances to events and therefore let us re-invent the Montreux Congress and Culture Center.

It's been 5 years since renovations are simply required to meet the current safety standards of a public building like the 2m2c. In the face of contemporary risks, escape routes are under-sized for major events (such as the Jazz Festival or Polymanga) and ECA seismic standards are not respected.

Our convention and culture house, built gradually since 1972, really needs to be renovated.

Mandatory upgrading is a unique opportunity to address a number of important structural issues to enable a more flexible, intensive, economical and comfortable use of the building. Above all, thanks to the financing structure chosen.

Financing for a total of 84 million:

27 million: Safeguarding: direct participation of the municipality of Montreux

33 million: Upgrade: FET, new tourist tax (hotels, schools, tourism)

24 million: Re-development: financing of other economic and institutional partners (LADE, CCM SA others)

This funding was put in popular vote on February 10, 2019 and the local people refused the Montreux participation of 27 million francs for the renovation of its congress center.

Less than 100 out of 6600 votes separated the two camps. In the details, 3347 people from Montreux slipped a "no" in the ballot box against 3253 "yes". A very tight result since the opponents win with 50.7% of the votes. The participation rate was close to 41%.

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