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Freddie Mercury's statue, situated in the center of Montreux on the Market Place, facing the lake is, without hesitation the most dynamic, the most well known and most visited monument in our town.

But what most visitors do not know, and this is the reason of this chapter, is that several other statues, monuments or bust in medium or smaller scale embellish the water side and the various gardens.

Those pieces of art, mostly made of bronze have been offered to the town by various personalities or the family in the memory of the deceased person or the remembrance that this represents to them.

In 2002, Claude Nobs, the founder of the Jazz Festival, inaugurated the first two statues of what was to be the "Walk of fame" in Montreux, a promenade of musical celebrities that he had imagined and which was to connect the Convention Center to the statue of Freddie Mercury on the Market Square.

The first statue to be inaugurated, in the presence of the interested who would perform in concert a few days later as part of the Jazz Festival at the Stravinsky Auditorium, was B.B. King, then located on the lake shore in front of the 2m2c. This celebration marked the beginning of the festivities for the 2002 edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival. Ray Charles was sitting a little further down Emery Street.

Two years later, a few days before the opening of the 2004 Montreux Jazz Festival, the two busts of Ray Charles and B.B. King moved to a new location. The two artists have now found their place on the impeccable lawn of the Montreux Palace, where they meet the Russian author Vladimir Nabokov. Many other statues will join them in the following years.

We invite you to discover through these few pages, anecdotes and a lot of information about the different statues related to music that adorn the city of Montreux.

Enjoy your visit!

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