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Montreux Celebration

Artists & People in Montreux


What is the so different between London, New York, Berlin and Montreux ?

The size of the town of course but certainly also the beauty of the scenary, the security and discretion. Those three major assets have made that many musicians, artists or their families have often choosen this town to record their music (thanks to Mountain Studios), study, follow a treatment, take a short rest and relax by the lake side.

When Rock music, in the ‘70s was at it's "boiling point", it was quite common to see a Rock star in town, chating and enjoying with other musicians in a local pub or buying stuff in a store.

There has never been any crush. A body guard is not really necessary. The stars have always been left in peace and they feel in complete security. Even the presence of Michael Jackson in Montreux in 1997 would have needed an important security device in any other larger town.

In these pages, you will discover several artists and people having stayed or having a strong relation with Montreux.

Informations about Freddie Mercury and Queen, who had a very close link with Montreux can be found in their dedicated sections.

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