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Freddie Celebration Days 2020


Thank you to our partners for their support, which allows us to offer you a free event.

Main partners

L'elixir - Creative Agency


L'elixir based in Montreux, has been in charge of our communication since the creation of our association.

L'elixir takes care of the realization of our visuals, logos, posters and website...

Food and Beverages

Confiserie Zurcher in Montreux


Saturday, September 5, 2020, to celebrate Freddie Mercury 74rd Birthday, the Confiserie Zurcher invites you for an aperitif around the statue.

A birthday cake, will be offered to the population and Freddie Mercury fans who came to Montreux to celebrate the birthday of their idol.

A big thank you to them!

Gimlé artisanal brewery


During the "Freddie Celebration Days 2020" you will have the opportunity to kill your thirst with the special "Montreux Celebration IPA" beer brewed especially, since 2017, for all Freddie Mercury's fans by the Gimlé brewery, located in Chernex in the upper part of Montreux.

Find out how this beer was produced by visiting our dedicated page HERE.

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"Freddie Celebration Days", an annual event in Montreux around September 5th, Freddie Mercury's birthday.


The Mercury Phoenix Trust is fighting HIV/AIDS around the world, support their action!