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1973 and more

Montreux Celebration

Montreux musical history in 1973 and more


1973 is very similar to 1972. Most rock and pop concerts are performed in the Swiss German parts of Switzerland under the label "Good News" and "Super Pop Montreux".

The collaboration to ensure booking of the greatest and best well known bands in Switzerland (bands that every fan has been waiting for a long time) is working well but Montreux unfortunately slowed down considerably its rock concert productions.

After 1973, it will take 10 years for the Golden Rose Television Festival, the SSR (Swiss Broadcasting and Television Corporation) and the city of Montreux, via its tourist office, to decide to dust off their event that was becoming a bit sleepy in the recent editions.

The Festival will once again focus on recent emerging trends in rock and pop music. This year 1973 Miles Davis, present in Montreux as part of the Jazz Festival for the first time, makes a little whim and asks to drive a Ferrari. A friend of Claude Nobs agrees to lend him his. Claude Nobs calls Miles Davis who asks him: "What color is it ?" Claude Nobs replied: "Red of course". Miles Davis then replied with a grunt: "I wanted a black one !"


The Rolling Stones' mobile studio back in Montreux in 1974

"The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio", the mobile recording studio that The Rolling Stones had offered itself in 1968, was stationed in Montreux in 1974. The band Nazareth is working on their next album with the help of Deep Purple's former bass player Roger Glover, who also used it when "Machine Head" was recorded in 1971. You can find the complete story on the Deep Purple page on our website.

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