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Facade of Freddie Mercury's apartment

Located on the top floor to the right of the residence "Les Tourelles", 15 rue Bon Port in Territet.

Freddie Mercury composed part of the album "Made in Heaven" in this apartment including the song "Winter's Tale". The video "Untold Story" clearly retraces these moments and reveals the magnificent view Freddie had from his balcony.

As this is a private property, it is currently impossible to visit this place, only the house front and its balcony are visible to visitors from the quayside along Lake Geneva.

In April 2019, without us being able to confirm that this information is 100% reliable, it seems that this apartment is for sale !

A true monument in the history of Freddie Mercury. A rare fact to highlight, the announcement of this exceptional property has appeared on several "all public" websites, which allows everyone to dream of becoming the new owner.

If this remains a dream for many of us, it’s not forbidden to look at the magnificent photos with this terrace and view which has nothing to envy to the image of paradise, at least the paradise mentioned in "Made in Heaven".

Here is the text of the announcement :

This exceptional place is Freddie Mercury's former apartment. He loved this place because of its tranquility and serenity. You will feel the inspiring and very unique atmosphere, that is the charm of this apartment.

Just as Freddie said: "If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux".

This apartment offers two large bedrooms and a very spacious living room with access to the terrace with a view of Lake Geneva and the mountains. The lake side is just a 5-minute walk away, that's where you'll find Freddie's famous monument.

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