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Montreux Celebration

Montreux musical history in 1971


Golden Rose 1971

Music is still present at the Golden Rose Festival, during its 11th edition from April 29 to May 6 1971, with the following concerts:

Terry Reid

One of the main features of the concerts organised in Montreux has always been the discovery by the general public of hitherto unknown talents.

This will especially apply to Terry Reid, an outstanding guitarist, who has up till now remained almost completely undiscovered by continental Europe. However, in UK and USA, there is already a wide following for this creative musician, who, it will be remembered, took part in the historic American tour made by the Rolling Stones.


Santana is above all a wild, fierce and rhythmic music. He gave a magnificent concert on May 1, 1971 at the Casino de Montreux.

Heads Hands & Feet

Originally known as Poet & The One Man Band, has become one of the most creative self-contained bands to be heard in a long time. The original band, which has already appeared in Montreux during the 1969 "Golden Rose Festival", is formed by Tony Colton and Ray Smith.

Buddy Miles

Seldom has there been a rock musician about whom there has been more critical disagreement than Buddy Miles. He is either loved or hated.

But in a sense, the controversy is indicative of Miles’ creativity.

And he is one of the most creative musicians on the rock scene in the ‘70’s !

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens was born in America of Greek parentage. Music played an important part in his childhood, and he was influenced greatly by the music of Greece but he needed nobody to sing, play or record.

Nino Bravo

He is twenty-four in 1970, born in Valencia – Spain, and his real name is Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis. He has been singing for eight years, almost always as a member of a group, with which he stayed for seven of these years.

Magna Carta

Founded by Chris Simpson, guitarist and singer, Glen Stuart and Lyell Tranter, but the last named has since gone back to advertising, and his place has been taken by Davy Johnstone. The trio is bringing about a quiet revolution in popular music.

Juliette Gréco

A very great French artist. Jean-Paul Sartre shared with her the coffee cream and morning croissants and said of her: "Juliette Gréco has millions in her throat; millions of poems that have not yet been written, some of which will be written. We do plays for some actors, why don't we make poems for a voice?

In 1939, she was a little rat at the Paris Opera. His mother dragged him into the resistance. Captured, she was not deported because of her young age, but she was imprisoned in Fresnes. Once she was released, she found herself without resources in Paris. Hélène Duc, who was her French teacher in Bergerac and a friend of her mother, accommodates her in the boarding house where she lives, and takes care of her. The Saint-Germain-des-Prés district was a stone's throw away and, in 1945, Juliette discovered the intellectual ferment of the left bank and political life through the Communist Youth. She landed a few roles in the theatre (Victor or the Children in Power) in November 1946, and worked on a radio show devoted to poetry.

In 1949, she met Miles Davis and fell in love with him. In 1954, she sang at the Olympia and met her future husband, the actor Philippe Lemaire, on the set of Jean-Pierre Melville's film "Quand tu liras cette lettre". They divorced in 1956, after the birth of their daughter Laurence-Marie. From 1959 to 1963, she devoted herself to singing, discovering and introducing new talents: Serge Gainsbourg, Guy Béart and Léo Ferré. In 1967, she met Michel Piccoli who would become her husband. (They will separate in 1977).

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