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1973 and more

Montreux Celebration

Montreux musical history in 1973 and more


Super Pop 1973-74

Three wonderful pop concerts take place in 1973 and 1974.

John Baez (1973)

Sunday November 25th two shows at 3pm and 8pm. It’s her first performance in Montreux – and she arrives at the concert hall riding a horse because the cars were subject to a ban on driving that day, a measure taken to address the shortage generated by the first oil crisis.

This American folk singer and songwriter is known for her highly individual vocal style. She is also well known due to her early and long-lasting relationship with Bob Dylan and her even longer-lasting passion for activism, notably in the areas of non-violence, civil and human rights and, in more recent years, the environment. She has performed publicly for nearly 50 years, released over 30 albums and recorded songs in at least eight languages. She is considered a folksinger, although her music has strayed from folk considerably after the 1960s, encompassing everything from rock and pop to country and gospel.

Although a songwriter herself, especially in the mid-1970s, Baez is most often regarded as an interpreter of other people's work, covering songs by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and many others.

Status Quo (1973)

A powerful, energetic and very exciting Boogie-Rock group, as Paper Plane testifies, in 1972 and especially Caroline, the following year, which is also the year she was in Montreux.

It is in March, more precisely, in one of the rooms of the Maison des Congrès, that the group performs. The band sells millions of records worldwide.

The group was then composed of Francis Rossi (guitar - vocals), Rick Parfitt (rhythm guitar - vocals), Alan Lancaster (bass - vocals) and John Coghlan (drums).

Alvin Lee (1974)

He begins playing guitar at the age of thirteen, and with Leo Lyons forms the core of the band Ten Years After in 1960.

But by 1973, Alvin Lee is feeling limited by the band's style. With American Gospel singer Mylon LeFevre and a host of Rock talents like George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Ron Wood, Jim Capaldi and Mick Fleetwood, he records and releases On the Road to Freedom, a highly acclaimed album that is at the forefront of country Rock.

Alvin Lee, December 1st, 1974, at the convention centre in Montreux, was a gig not to be missed.

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