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Patrick Juvet and Montreux

Patrick Juvet is a former model turned singer-songwriter with a string of hit records in France.

Born August 21, 1950 in Montreux he followed piano lessons at the Lausanne conservatoire when he was only 6. His early career was focused on making pop records, he found international success as a disco music performer in the latter half of the 1970s.

Ascended to Paris, he met Eddy Barclay who offered him the opportunity to record his first single in the autumn of 1971, "Romantiques pas morts", then wrote "Le Lundi au soleil" for Claude François, who contributed to his reputation as a composer.

Patrick Juvet became an international star with his disco hits like "Où sont les femmes?" (1977), "I Love America" (1978) and "Lady Night" (1979).

The rest will be more difficult. After a return in French by Jean-Loup Dabadie, "Les rêves immoraux" (1982), he scattered among very heterogeneous productions.

He came back to the forefront with the album "Solitudes" in 1991, then took advantage of the return in grace of disco to seduce the younger generation with its long-standing successes.

Actually he lives quietly on the shores of the lake between his parents, a brother and a sister.

He spends week-ends between skying, skating and ice hockey.


A star is born

A star was born in Montreux. Not a junk star, but an icon of the disco years, with a dented life, who enjoyed worldwide success plus oblivion before returning to the forefront. "Où sont les femmes?", "I love America", does that ring a bell?

Meeting with Patrick Juvet, in the privacy of his chalet in 1978.

Director: Michel Dami

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