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Yannick Noah and Montreux

Born in Sedan in 1960, his father being a Cameroon footballer and his mother French.

His first sport is tennis. In Wimbledon, he wins his first trophy as a junior player in 1977. One year later, he is admitted on the professional tour and creates sensation by winning the French Open, the "Roland Garros" tournament at the age of 23. In 1986, he’s third at the ATP ranking and first in double play. As the captain of the French Davis Cup team, he offers France in 1991 the first victory since 1932.

Then he changes radically his way by initiating a musical career with his first album "Urban Tribu" including the famous "Saga Africa". Yannick Noah also collaborates with his mother in various committees for implementation of humanitarian aid operations. He creates "Enfants de la Terre" and "Fête le Mur", an association which allows unprivileged children to take tennis lessons. Once or twice a year, he comes to Massongex, a village in the Rhone Vallee, and gives a free concert for benefit of "Terre des Hommes".

In collaboration with Jean-Jacques Goldman, Yannick Noah signs his second album in 2000, called simply Yannick Noah.

The tennis player and musician lived in a village above Montreux for a while, as do still the French ex-tennis players Arnaud Boetsch and Henri Leconte who are established permanently in Switzerland.

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