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Ernest Ansermet

The Swiss conductor, Ernest Ansermet, came from a musical family.

Born November 11, 1883 in Vevey he successively studied the clarinet, violin and brass instruments, which he used in fanfares; later he wrote military marches for the Swiss army which he did not consider important. Besides Music, he studied Mathematics in Lausanne and graduated with a Diploma in 1903. He taught Mathematics for one year before devoting himself entirely to music.

Ernest Ansermet received the publicly advertised post of director of the Kursaal Classical Ensemble in Montreux from 1912 to 1914 after Francisco de Lacerda.

A monument and a brass plaque has been unveiled at his honor. It’s a large stone sculpture representing the very famous swiss mountain “Matterhorn”. Situated in front of the Casino building by the lake side.

Also the lake promenade was named after him : "Le Quai Ernest Ansermet".

Ernest Ansermet died February 20th 1969 in Geneva.

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