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Memorial Day 2011

Program August 31st, September 1st and 2nd :

Exceptional event celebrating :

..... Freddie Mercury would have been 65 - 15 years of his statue in Montreux - - 40 years of Queen and ..... ..... 20 years of Freddie Mercury's demise

Very special presence of Kashmira Cooke, Freddie Mercury's sister, Mr. Roger Cooke her husband and Ms Diane Moseley, Freddie Mercury's costume designer.

Private inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to Queen and Freddie Mercury (Gallery Beauregard, Montreux) in the presence of Kashmira, Diana, the artists and the Mayor of Montreux

Many concerts :

- Queen Unplugged Project from Hungary, - "Montreux Tribute to Freddie", - Ashen Crows Queen Tribute Band (Spain) - The Royal Squeeze Box with Karin ten Cate at the Catholic Church in Montreux, - Jiri Sevcik and the Pirate Swing Band from Czech Republic play Queen under the Covered Market - ROCK YOU Queen Tribute band (Italy) who claim to be the youngest cover band in the world, and

- "Swiss Folklore Meets Queen" Alphorn, Hackbrett and Rock play Queen music – an unprecedented mix realy very surprising !

Conference with Diana Moseley and Peter Freestone

Video Ballet Béjart "Ballet for Life" public and free projection under the Covered Market Place.


Memorial Day 2011


Montreux Celebration is supporting the Mercury Phoenix Trust who is fighting HIV/AIDS worldwide.
Please visit their website for more informations.

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