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The SMILE! Choir and the Freddie Wall

The SMILE! Elementary and Secondary School Choir will perform for the first time during Freddie Celebration Days 2019 under the direction of Christophe Farin.

They will also have the pleasure of supervising several activities, including the FREDDIE WALL. Every day, a new statue built by their teachers will be placed in the center of the pontoon facing the statue of Freddie Mercury.

In this way, everyone will be able to leave a note in memory of this exceptional 2019 edition. Montreux Celebrations would like to thank the EPS of Vevey and more particularly Laure Schmidely, Christian Clément, Olivier Nicole and Christophe Farin.

Full programme HERE and all practical information HERE.

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We are waiting for you in Montreux!

Montreux Celebration is supporting the Mercury Phoenix Trust who is fighting HIV/AIDS worldwide.
Please visit their website for more informations.