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Tribute to David Richards

It is with emotion and enthusiasm that his children Wendy and Christopher and the Montreux Celebration team, announce their intention to have a bronze figure of David Richards made in his memory. 

Producer and engineer in charge of Mountain Studios, David Richards quickly became a loyal friend to Queen and associate producer.

The cost to make this piece of art will amount to CHF 25’000.

We have chosen to create this crowdfunding so that everyone can join in this wonderful tribute to David Richards and salute the importance of the women and men working behind the scenes to help our favorite artists shine their light.

If sufficient funds are raised before March 31, the bronze figure in tribute to David Richards will be presented to the public and the press on Friday September 4th during the Freddie Celebration Days 2020 under the Montreux Market Hall.

It will then be permanently placed in the ’Queen, The Studio Experience’ museum thanks to the support of the Mercury Phoenix Trust. The choice of this location is not insignificant as it was the former premises of Mountain Studios where David Richards worked and recorded famous artists, forever leaving his mark on the world of music.


Guided tours and exclusive events are organised in Montreux, follow in the footsteps of Freddie Mercury!


The Mercury Phoenix Trust is fighting HIV/AIDS around the world, support their action!