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Anciens Evénements

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Memorial Day 2009

Program September 3rd, 4th and 5th September

Once again FREE OF CHARGE event for everybody. No badge, no ticket, no stress ...

Many gigs :

  • Queen Alive, great Italian cover-band.
  • The Royal Squeeze Box from Germany
  • The Dragon Attack from Italy
  • Bohemia from Czech Rep.
  • The Barcelona Project from Norway. Free show under the Market place with over 35 singers and musicians on stage performing "Barcelona" + Queen songs.
  • Tea At The Palace and boat rides to the Lake House with the presence of Peter Freestone completed the event

During those 3 days fans had time to take food at leisure, to taste Indian food (Freddie loved Chicken Dhansak, Samosa etc), Indonesian food (Freddie enjoyed eating at The Blue Elephant Restaurant in London), or taste local food, Sausages, Lasagnes or various cheeses and fruits from our mountains. There was plenty to drink as well. Of course !

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Des visites guidées et des événements exclusifs sont organisés à Montreux, partez sur les traces de Freddie Mercury !


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